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       Monday Classes 

All classes are with Giny Hillman (3 out 0f 4 weeks classes will be at hall in dining room other week at church basement)


4:00 - 4:45 -Junior Jazz / Ballet Combo (5-7yrs) 

4:45 - 5:30 - Mini Acro (5-7yrs)

5:30 - 6:15 - Musical Theater (5&up)

6:15 - 7:00 - Intermediate Acro (8-11yrs)

7:00 - 7:45 - Intermediate Ballet (8-11yrs)

7:45 -8:30 - Intermediate Jazz (8-11yrs)

8:30 -9:30 - Teen Ballet (12&up)


Wednesday Classes at Town Hall Dining Room 

First 4 classes are with Cloee/Chayce Becker and the other 3 classes are with Katie Bjarnason 

4:15-4:45- Kinderdance (3-4yrs) *FULL WITH WAIT LIST*

4:45-5:30- Junior 1 Hiphop (5-8yrs with no hiphop experience 

5:30-6:15 Junior 2 hiphop (6-8yrs with previous hiphop experience  

6:15-7:00- Intermediate hiphop (8-11yrs) *FULL WITH WAIT LIST*

7:00-7:45- junior Tap (5-7yrs) *FULL WITH WAIT LIST*

7:45-8:30- Intermediate tap (8-12yrs) *2 SPOTS LEFT*

8:30-9:30- Teen Jazz (12&up)

Wednesday Private Lessons at St Marys Church Basement

All Private lessons with Giny Hillman

Still can have alternate privates for the 4pm, 4:45 and 5:45 times. 

4:00-5pm-- Blayke A

5-6pm- Millie V

6-7pm-  Cora D/ Eliza S

7-8pm- Hannah H one week/Ruby P alternate week

8-9pm-- Abby S and alternate week beginer pointe class (ages 14&up with multiple straight years of ballet)

Private lessons with Katie Bjaranson (3 out of 4 Mondays each month) at the church basement

Fully Booked

4:00-5:00 Emily B/Millie V

5:00-6:00 Emily/Hailey B

6:00-7:00 Jorja F/Paisley A

7:00-8:00 Hannah H one week/ Clooe/Chayce B alternate week

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